Gate Agent Tosses Items From Passenger's Bag in the Trash

Although the manager told brooks they did not have his bag, he was able to obtain the security footage. In the video, a gate agent can be seen starting to go through his bag and throwing out some items. Brooks says spirit airlines told him they are investigating and that the gate agents were suspended.

Title : Gate Agent Tosses Items From Passenger's Bag in the Trash
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Incredible Things People Found Hidden In Their Homes

Is your home keeping a secret? Some people have found incredible things hidden in floorboards, walls, and even backyards. A florida woman found a wedding album in the ceiling of her florida home and set out to find the couple it belonged to.

A new jersey man says his aunt alerted him to a hidden picasso painting in her sewing machine before she died. It’s valued around $25 million. Inside edition digital’s mara montalbano has more.

Act Like Youre My Mom 10-year-old Boy Thwarts Woman Who Tried To Lure Him Away

Sammy green was walking home after school when a woman started following him on high street. Started walking with him and asking him where his family was, asking where his dad was, said sam green, the boy's father. Sammy did not know the woman, but she insisted she knew the child's family, and said he was supposed to come with her.

These People Survived Getting Impaled

These people and animals survived getting impaled. In 2018, xavier cunningham was playing with friends in his backyard in missouri when a metal barbeque skewer went through his head. In 2019, a florida teenager was lucky to be alive after part of a boat anchor went into his skull.

In 2019, eli gregg survived after a knife accidentally went through his face into his brain. Inside edition digital’s andrea swindall has more.

Pool Narrowly Escapes Falling Down Bluff During Landslide

A pool hung on the edge of a cliff after a landslide took place on the hills of san clemente in california. The land continues to move and is of concern for its mayor. “priority is our resident safety so we are going to err on the side of being safe,” chris duncan said.

Now lawmakers are calling for the area to be added to the list of federal assistance especially with the possibility of more rain on the way. Inside edition digital has more.

Some Of The Best And Worst School Lunch Stories

Minnesota high school student maryn holler posted photos of her sad lunch tray to facebook. It showed a small handful of baby carrots, a cup of marinara sauce and a hot dog bun topped with congealed cheese. Photos of disgusting school lunches have prompted an uproar in new jersey, with board of education officials and parents demanding to know why the unappetizing food was being served to students.

After learning a student's mother recently lost her job, a fellow mom would do a weekly shopping routine to provide lunches for both dylan and his classmate.

The Most Heart-stopping Moments Of 2022

A miracle happened in november when an suv went airborne and flew over a car driven by a priest on his way to church. A video from april shows the moment of impact when a speeding ford mustang hit a school bus full of middle school students. In january, video of a dangerous road rage incident in miami was released to the public.

Inside edition digital has more.

Man Allegedly Tried To Open Emergency Exit Door On Flight

The nightmare began five hours into a flight from los angeles, california, to boston, massachusetts. He jumped into the aisle and headed for the cockpit, lunging at a flight attendant with a weapon. The plane passengers got out of their seats and took torres down.

They secured his hands and feet with zip ties.

Who Sent Dozens Of Mystery Uber Eats Orders

Residents within a california neighborhood are being inundated by dozens of uber eats deliveries that they say they never placed. Neighbor morgan currier received 30 deliveries. William neal says he received 40 deliveries.

One neighbor posted a sign on his door, saying uber eats do not leave that delivery order! Fake order. uber eats says they've taken action against a number of accounts and for now, the deliveries have stopped.

Baby Takes His First Steps Straight To His Dog The Dodo

Mom watches her son take his first steps. And they're not towards her! Special thanks to vito, luca & gianna!

Keep up with them on youtube: Tweet with us on twitter: #thedodo #animals #dog #cat #kitten #puppy

New Hampshire Lawmaker Caught Yelling At Snowplow Driver

A new hampshire snowplow driver films as an angry homeowner yells at him. He accuses the driver of intentionally pushing snow onto his property. But this is not just any angry homeowner, he is new hampshire state representative jeffrey greeson.

In his 30 years as a snowplow driver, paul manson says he has never had an encounter like this before. Greeson later apologized but he was still charged with criminal threatening and assault.

These Parents Defended Their Unusual Choices

These parents defended their unusual choices. In 2015, a mother defended herself after she bought her three children over 300 christmas gifts. In 2016, a mother got attention for skateboarding and doing tricks while wheeling her baby in the stroller at the same time.

Inside edition digital’s andrea swindall has more.

Stranded Driver Says His Drone Saved His Life

Casey ryan was stranded in willamette national forest in oregon's cascades mountain range with no cell phone service and no way of calling for help. Then he had the ingenious idea to type a text to his wife. Next, ryan attached his cell phone to his drone and sent it high into the sky.

It was able to find a signal and sent out the urgent message. He now credits the drone for saving his life.

Squatting On The Squatter

Detroit is emerging from bankruptcy. No better time to invest. But you ought to know that squatters are peskier than bedbugs.

Charlie leduff and the boys are in the motor city this week, following up on a outrageous story that puts a new twist on the old saying: A man is the king of his castle. click here for more: Watch fox 2 detroit live:

These Beloved Products Were Discontinued

These beloved products were discontinued. It was an end of an era in 2022. After 40 years on the market, klondike discontinued its chocotacos.

In january of 2023, people were in disbelief after a favorite comfort food, pastina, was discontinued. Inside edition digital’s andrea swindall has more.

These Devices Had Major Malfunctions

In 2017, a bungee jump ride in california malfunctioned, leaving roger rodriguez dangling upside down by his feet for 40 minutes. That same year, star wars fans went crazy after audio problems ruined the opening night of the highly anticipated film, “the last jedi.” in 2021, when a hoverboard caught fire inside a house, a family scrambled to put it out and run to safety. Inside edition digital’s andrea swindall has more.

Happy Couple Ties The Knot Inside Airport

Commander cylas hensely and lara mark stepped off a plane on their way to their wedding. Southwest airlines and hobby airport teamed up to throw them a wedding right in the terminal. Strangers within the airport terminal wiped away their tears as the couple exchanged rings and their wedding vows.

Family Reunites With Dog Rescued By Lifeguard

A california hero lifeguard saved a bichon frise who swam into the ocean. The adorable dog, tofu, slipped out of her owner's yard and ended up at the beach. When people tried to catch her, she was spooked and ran into the ocean.

Bystanders alerted chase mccall, a long beach lifeguard. He sprang right into action. Holding tofu with one hand, he paddled back to shore and then wrapped the dog in a towel.

Inside edition was there when tofu was reunited with her owner jason.

On Your Side Gate Agent Recorded Trashing Passengers Items

A local man took matters into his own hands when his carryon bag went missing at new orleans airport. He got security video of the gate where he left it, and what he saw caught on camera was shocking. On your side's kristine lazar has the footage, and the airline's reaction.

The Stupidest Criminals Of All Time

Who is the dumbest criminal caught on camera? Here are more than 20 criminals that will blow you away with their stupidity. Which one is the dumbest?

That's for you to decide.

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