Family seeks answers after North Carolina woman is found dead in Mexico

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Title : Family seeks answers after North Carolina woman is found dead in Mexico
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Shanquella Robinsons Death In Cabo Father Believes Attack Was A Set Up Tmz

Shanquella robinson's mysterious death in mexico smells like a set up to her father. He tells tmz he believes his daughter was attacked as part of a diabolical plan. Tmz has consistently been credited for breaking the biggest stories dominating the entertainment news landscape and changed the way the public gets their news.

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Fbi Charlotte Field Office Opens Investigation Into Death Of Shanquella Robinson In Cabo

The fbi charlotte field office confirms to queen city news it has opened up an investigation into the death of charlotte resident, shanquella robinson. Thanks for stopping by queen city news' youtube channel! Subscribe to queen city news youtube:

Shanquella Robinson Allegedly Beaten To Death During Mexican Vacation

An october vacation between friends ends in a mysterious death. Shanquella robinson traveled to mexico with people she trusted, and never returned home. Subscribe to fox 26 houston:

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Arrest Warrant Issued In Shanquella Robinson Case Multiple Mexican News Outlets Report

Mexican authorities have issued an arrest warrant related to the death of shanquella robinson, according to multiple mexican news outlets. Nbcs noticias, diario el independiente and metropolimx all cited baja california sur attorney general daniel de la rosa as the source, saying the extradition process has already started. Multiple attempts by a doctor to revive robinson were unsuccessful before she was pronounced dead in mexico, a police report shared by the metropolimx news outlet states.

Robinson's death has garnered national attention, with a nationwide call for justice on social media. Many people have used the hashtag #justiceforshanquella in hopes her story will reach national headlines. The fbi's charlotte field office opened an investigation into her death after a video posted online showed robinson being attacked by one of the friends she traveled to mexico with.

Shaquella Robinson And How Men Failed Her

In this video, i'll be speaking on how men failed shanquella robinson. This tragedy has been on my mind and spirit all week, its disturbing, sickening but a scary realization of how sinister people are, especially your so called friends. But what made me even more sick was the fact there were men there and i use that term very loosely, that couldve stopped and prevented all of this.

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Shanquella Robinson Tragedy How To Deal With Jealous Fake Friends Envy Storytime

✨it’s time for a hard talk today. I have been really sad about the shanquella robinson story. Let’s talk about how to deal with jealous fake friends.

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Shanquella Robinson Friends Stole 10k From Her Best Friend Khalil Cooke Exposed By Her Mother

Her fake friends reportedly stole $10,000.00 from her as well that day in mexico so possibly money was the motive as to why they did this! Old video footage of her so called bestie' khalil cooke telling her that he needs her money and wants to be on her payroll while she's telling him that she loves him and the fact that he obtained a ppp loan and doesn't even have his own business proves that he was money hungry and is the alleged mastermind who set it all up to get money out of her and stop her bag. They are all on the run and in hiding now and have disconnected their cell phone numbers.

For men to be equally as messy as the women and plotting over greed and jealousy is crazy but we need justice for shanquella so daejhanae jackson, wenter donovan (winter), alysse hyatt, malik dyer, and nazeer wiggins get ready for your next trip to mexico.

Wenter Donovan Stopped Doctor From Taking Shanquella To Hospital According To Police Report Update

According to the police report, wenter donovan and friends of shanquella robinson stopped the attending physician from taking shanquella to the hospital and insisted she be treated at the villa. Join my channel for exclusive content: Bird brainz from the yt audio library theme song created by @talktomikal

Nightly News Full Broadcast - Nov 21

Buffalo recovering from historic snowstorm; Brett favre allegedly urged mississippi's governor to support unproven concussion treatment; And more on tonight’s broadcast.

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Shaquille Robinsons Attacker Is A Transgender Woman

I know there are 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 sides or more to this story, and out of all the videos i've seen on social media, i've not seen what happened before the clip started taping nor have i seen what happened after the short clip stopped, but there is one thing that noone can dispute from the footage going around everywhere and that ms. Shanquella robinson verbally said she wasn't going to fight back and she didn't. I didn't see anyone attempting to intervene to put a stop to it.

My heart hurts for ms. Shanquella robinson and her loved ones and my prayers go out to them also.

Shanquella Robinson Acussers Turn On Each Other Nazeer Wiggins Is Lying Mexico Opens Case

Shanquella robinson acussers turn on each other! Nazeer wiggins is lying + mexico opens case 00:00 intro 01:25 sharrell's world, perry sanders & nosey heaux live being impersonated 07:14 shanquella robinson acussers turn on each other! Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing.

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Fbi Now Investigating Death Of Shanquella Robinson

Many posts are using the hashtag #justiceforshanquella in hopes her story will reach national headlines. The north carolina beat reports robinson and a group of friends left for mexico on oct. Less than 24 hours later, according to the blog, the friends said robinson wasn't feeling well due to alcohol poisoning and later died.

Robinson's family believes there is much more to her death. A video posted online shows robinson being attacked by one of the friends she traveled with. Wcnc charlotte is choosing not to include the video due to the graphic images.

Chris swecker, a retired fbi assistant director, said emerging details like this should be enough to make mexican officials take a second look at the case.

Update 2 Shanquella Robinson Case Now Being Treated As A Homlclde Her Mom Dad Speak Out

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