UNDISPUTED - Shannon rips the Lakers for not playing Anthony Davis in 114-110 loss to Rockets

Title : UNDISPUTED - Shannon rips the Lakers for not playing Anthony Davis in 114-110 loss to Rockets
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The Lakers Can Win It All

The lakers are starting to play great basketball while the rest of the western conference is beginning to fall apart. Is this perfect timing for the lakers playoff run? #nba #basketball #highlights #lakers #losangeles 📺 twitch:

Cowboys Release 3x Pro Bowl Rb Ezekiel Elliott After Seven Seasons Nfl Undisputed

The dallas cowboys announced they will be releasing ezekiel elliott. Zeke burst onto the nfl scene as a rookie in 2016 and has averaged fewer and fewer rushing yards a game every season since. Last season was the first time in his career he averaged under four yards a carry.

Skip bayless and shannon sharpe react and share their favorite memory of zeke as a member of the dallas cowboys. With nick wright youtube channel: Every day, skip and shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

Full Ja Morant Speaks With Jalen Rose About Suspension And Time Away From Grizzlies Nba On Espn

Memphis grizzlies' ja morant sits down with espn's jalen rose to discuss: 0:00 how the last few weeks have been for ja morant 1:10 how stressful is it being ja morant? 1:50 when ja decided to check into counseling 2:30 ja morant on the meeting with adam silver 3:11 what ja morant was feeling when he went live on instagram 4:10 whose gun was ja morant holding?

4:50 morant addresses other controversies 8:52 does ja morant take pride in being a role model? 9:33 ja morant on being away from basketball 10:33 ja morant's advice for managing stress 11:55 ja morant on his inner circle 14:00 the effect on tee & jamie morant 14:43 what it was like not knowing the consequences from the league 16:05 what can we expect from the grizzlies moving forward? 17:38 when ja realized he needed counseling 18:09 shedding some light on the pacers controversy 18:49 what changes when you're drafted into the nba?

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