Damian Lillard said he doesn't enjoy what the NBA is becoming 👀 Stephen A. responds | First Take

Damian lillard said he doesn't enjoy what the nba is becoming 👀 stephen a. Responds | first take stephen a. Smith, chris mad dog russo and brian windhorst discuss portland trail blazers star damian lillard's recent comments about ring culture in the nba.

Title : Damian Lillard said he doesn't enjoy what the NBA is becoming 👀 Stephen A. responds | First Take
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Damian Lillard On Why He Believes The Nba Is Changing For The Worse

We are thrilled to welcome our very first guest on the old man and the three, portland trail blazers guard and lnba superstar damian lillard. The episode drops first thing tomorrow and it goes even deeper than this teaser clip. Speaking of, in this clip dame talks about the differences between when he first came into the league and now.

He also touches on how rings culture has made us lose sight of the journey. Subscribe to the old man and the three podcast w/ jj redick (espn / first take) and tommy alter youtube channel today for more nba analysis, player interviews and highlights. Also subscribe to dame's channel here @damianlillard #nba #jjredick #damianlillard

Stephen A On Mavs Loss Their Inability To Stop Steph Curry Is The Reason They Lost First Take

Smith and jwill discuss the dallas mavericks vs. Golden state warriors game, mark cuban's comments following the game and ja morant's return vs. 0:00 mavericks to file protest over disputed possession 1:00 jwill breaks down why that one possession was not the reason the mavericks lost 3:00 stephen a.

Says the mavericks lost because they couldn't stop stephen curry 5:30 jwill feels jason kidd should be the more vocal one in this situation than mark cuban 7:30 memphis grizzlies vs. Houston rockets reaction 8:20 jwill says he was impressed by ja morant's performance 9:10 jwill doesn't believe the grizzlies will make it to the western conference finals 11:30 stephen a.

Debating The Mavericks Intent To Protest Loss Vs Warriors Nba Today

They also debate if the memphis grizzlies are contenders for the nba title this season now that ja morant has returned. Mavs controversy 3:40 chances the protest is successful? 6:22 concern for the mavs?

8:51 are grizzlies a title contender?

Nba Legends Explain How Scary Good Charles Barkley Was Jordan Shaq Magic

Charles barkley was hands down one of the best power forwards in nba history. He was such a phenomenal athlete in an awkward body frame. A trully odd and unique athlete.

Dribbled like a point guard, size of a shooting guard, rebounded like a center. He doesn't get the credit he deserves! Help me reach 200k subscribers!

Stephen As Thoughts On Klay Thompson Vs Dillon Brooks The Warriors Struggles First Take

Stephen a.'s thoughts on klay thompson vs. Dillon brooks & the warriors' struggles 🍿 | first take on first take, kendrick perkins weighs in on the beef between klay thompson and dillon brooks. 0:00 the klay thompson and dillon brooks beef 1:12 who looks more petty?

2:57 the warriors' road struggles 5:38 discussing the warriors' chemistry 8:19 stephen a. Says the warriors are letting steph curry down 8:58 who should the 76ers fear in the east?

Mark Cuban Calls Mavs-warriors Mishap Worse Officiating Non-call In History First Things First

The officials then let the warriors inbound the ball under their own hoop for an uncontested bucket while the mavs were on the other end of the court. The warriors would go on to win the game by just two points. Mavs owner mark cuban tweeted after the game that it was the quote:

'worst officiating non call mistake possibly in the history of the nba' and said he will file a formal protest to the league. Nick wright, chris broussard and kevin wildes debate whether the refs are to blame for the mavs loss or not. With nick wright youtube channel:

Nick wright, chris broussard, and kevin wildes team up on first things first. The trio offers their take on a bevy of sports stories alongside special guests from across the sports world.

Michael Irvin Attorneys Release Marriott Video

Former cowboys star michael irvin and his attorney on tuesday released surveillance video showing him interact with a marriott hotel employee during the week of the super bowl, but they say the footage proves irvin did nothing wrong. The interaction got irvin sent home from super bowl coverage in february after marriott alleged he made the employee feel uncomfortable and harassed her. Irvin, as a result, sued marriott for $100 million, denying he did anything wrong.

The video showed irvin walking through a hotel lobby in phoenix and interacting briefly with a hotel employee. Mccathern said the employee clearly slows down to interact with irvin, and the two began to chat. A column in the hotel lobby blocked the view of irvin momentarily, and then he appeared to touch her elbow briefly.

The two kept talking back and forth. Toward the end of their interaction, irvin briefly touched the employee's other elbow, and then irvin appeared to laugh at something she said. The two then shook hands, and the employee walked away.

There's no doubt, from watching this, this woman is not offended, mccathern said. This is not a sexual assault. None of that exists here.

And i think this tape is very, very clear. irvin on tuesday said he was so thankful for this video. because without it, i just don't know where this would have gone, irvin said. This is what they're calling sexual assault. the interaction made the employee visibly uncomfortable, marriott attorneys said in a court filing last week. Irvin during the interaction reportedly asked her whether she knew anything about having a big black man inside of [her], the filing stated.

The victim reportedly said the comments were inappropriate and that she didn't want to discuss it further. Irvin then reportedly tried to grab her hand again and said he was sorry if he brought up bad memories for her.

Cowboys Release 3x Pro Bowl Rb Ezekiel Elliott After Seven Seasons Nfl Undisputed

The dallas cowboys announced they will be releasing ezekiel elliott. Zeke burst onto the nfl scene as a rookie in 2016 and has averaged fewer and fewer rushing yards a game every season since. Last season was the first time in his career he averaged under four yards a carry.

Skip bayless and shannon sharpe react and share their favorite memory of zeke as a member of the dallas cowboys. With nick wright youtube channel: Every day, skip and shannon will give their unfiltered, incisive, passionate opinions on the biggest sports topics of the day.

Damian Lillard On Why He Thinks Someone Could Score 100 Points In An Nba Game

In this clip, damian lillard (the portland trail blazers) talks about his 71 point game and if he thinks someone will score a 100 point game. Jj also explains why he thinks dame, stephen curry and luka doncic absolutely could. Subscribe to the old man and the three podcast w/ jj redick (espn / first take) and tommy alter youtube channel today for more nba analysis, player interviews and highlights.

Bryce Young Vs Cj Stroud Which Qb Is Going No 1 Overall Get Up

Which qb is going no. | get up the get up crew compares bryce young and c.j. Stroud ahead of the 2023 nfl draft.

Why Stephen A Thinks Jimmy Garoppolo Is An Upgrade For The Raiders Over Derek Carr First Take

Thinks jimmy garoppolo is an upgrade for the raiders over derek carr | first take stephen a. 0:00 expectations for garoppolo leading the raiders 2:38 stephen a. Takes a look at the afc west 6:46 which afc east qb will have the best season?

Stephen A Joel Embiid Is My Frontrunner For The Nba Mvp Nba Countdown

On nba countdown, stephen a. Smith, chiney ogwumike, malika andrews and michael wilbon discuss. 5:30 who is the mvp frontrunner?

People Are Saying Lil Wayne Has No Chance In A Verzuz Battle Against 50 Cent More

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The results are the best interviews to be found on radio.

Full Ja Morant Speaks With Jalen Rose About Suspension And Time Away From Grizzlies Nba On Espn

Memphis grizzlies' ja morant sits down with espn's jalen rose to discuss: 0:00 how the last few weeks have been for ja morant 1:10 how stressful is it being ja morant? 1:50 when ja decided to check into counseling 2:30 ja morant on the meeting with adam silver 3:11 what ja morant was feeling when he went live on instagram 4:10 whose gun was ja morant holding?

4:50 morant addresses other controversies 8:52 does ja morant take pride in being a role model? 9:33 ja morant on being away from basketball 10:33 ja morant's advice for managing stress 11:55 ja morant on his inner circle 14:00 the effect on tee & jamie morant 14:43 what it was like not knowing the consequences from the league 16:05 what can we expect from the grizzlies moving forward? 17:38 when ja realized he needed counseling 18:09 shedding some light on the pacers controversy 18:49 what changes when you're drafted into the nba?

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